3 Bible Study Tips For Youth Leaders

If you have just been chosen to lead a bible study group for teenagers, you may be a bit overwhelmed. It can be tricky to get the attention of teens, and it is not always easy to know when you are teaching something that will resonate with them. Use the following suggestions to make your bible study group a good source of information, fellowship and fun.

Provide Context

You can't just jump in with your bible verse and your lesson without first getting the attention of your teenagers in your bible study group. When you introduce your topic for the study group session, do your best to help the teens understand what you're about to teach and why it relates to their lives. Talk to them about the historical background of the text you're studying, and ask them questions to ensure they are paying attention. Give them the information they need to understand why you chose the subject you've chosen, and that will give them a reason to keep listening to what you have to say.

Involve Their Phones

If the teens in your study group are like other teenagers, they love to use their smartphones. To make a lesson more relatable to them, plan activities that allow the teens to use their phone in some way. For instance, if you're teaching forgiveness one week, before the study group session, ask the teens to take pictures of things that represent forgiveness to them. You can also ask that they make short films. They will be excited to show the group what they've done. If someone doesn't have a smartphone, partner them up with another teenager so they can work together.

Let Them Lead

It can be empowering for teenagers to be in control of certain things in their life, and bible study group is a great way for them to lead in a safe environment. Consider allowing one of the teenagers to lead the bible study group every few weeks. You can offer the opportunity to everyone, but avoid forcing anyone to lead if they would rather not. 

Watching how your teens handle the group during their lesson will give you a deeper understanding of what they enjoy learning about and what they respond well to.

Try each of the tips listed above so you can determine what works best with the teenagers in your bible study group. Talk to your pastor and other youth leaders in the area to get more ideas that will help the teens in your group learn more about the bible. You may even get more ideas by visiting other local bible study groups at churches like New Gethsemane Baptist Church.