Getting Married? Why It’s Essential For You To Get Marriage Counseling

When two people are planning to tie the knot, it's perfectly normal for them to be caught up in the glow of love. They look forward to being together all of the time and can't imagine not spending their life with the other person. While this can definitely be a great feeling and an unforgettable time, it's also important to take a practical approach to the union. If you are planning to get married soon, see why you shouldn't do it without seeking out couples counseling beforehand. Read More 

Nursing Home Care For Elderly Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease

The symptoms and severity of Parkinson's disease vary from person to person and often from day to day. As the disease becomes more disabling over time and a loved one requires more care, nursing home care may be a consideration. Therefore, as the symptoms of advanced Parkinson's disease have more of a negative impact on your family member's daily life, it's important to know what a nursing home  (such as National Church Residences) can offer. Read More 

3 Reasons to Encourage Your Teens to Attend a Youth Group

There are a lot of different activities teens can take part in, but encouraging them to attend a youth group is one of the best options. Youth groups are available at churches, and they offer a safe and positive experience and atmosphere for teen kids. Here are three good reasons you may want to talk your teens into going to a local youth group each week. It Keeps Them Busy Read More 

Funeral Services For The Unclaimed: How Your Religious Organization Can Help

In every part of the U.S., several hundred bodies each year go unclaimed. Family members do not step forward, either because they do not know their loved ones are dead, or because they cannot afford funeral services. Usually, the state and/or local government pays for these bodies to be interned, placing plaques on the graves that give details about the bodies or marking them only with crosses. If your religious organization would like to get involved and help with these unfortunate souls, you can contribute in the following of ways. Read More 

3 Bible Study Tips For Youth Leaders

If you have just been chosen to lead a bible study group for teenagers, you may be a bit overwhelmed. It can be tricky to get the attention of teens, and it is not always easy to know when you are teaching something that will resonate with them. Use the following suggestions to make your bible study group a good source of information, fellowship and fun. Provide Context You can't just jump in with your bible verse and your lesson without first getting the attention of your teenagers in your bible study group. Read More